Welcome to the 2020 Season.

Grounds closed 14/2/2020
U10 grading Saturday 15th Feb - 9am (if grounds closed these will be postponed to Tuesday 18th @ 6.30pm)

Congratulations to our following teams:

2019 Minor Premiers - L12/2,  U13/3,  U15/2

2019 Premiers - L12/2, U13/3, U14/2, U15/2, U17/2

Mar 2020 - 28th RD 1 - KO (U12 above)
                  28th RD 1 - Non Comp (U5-U11)


After much persistence and dedication from our committee we are getting lights installed in the car park.
There will be 6 lights in the car park as well as 1 light in the over flow car park.
These lights will be installed around September so we will have to wait until next season to enjoy a much safer car park.
The club was able to pay for this with extra fundrasing and obtaining a grant.
(Posted July 2018)

Please feel free to contact any of the committee members for any further queries.